Group Fitness training

Proper combination of exercises

Group trainings - There are various programs, choreographies and combinations, but all of them have in common that it is a pre-designed set of exercises that the trainer demonstrates and performs together with a group of trainees. The combination of exercises is thematically designed to activate all the important muscles in the body in order to evenly activate the whole body through training, or at least certain muscle groups as thematic units. Thanks to this, you will not be tempted to always train only one muscle group (or only certain muscles), and with different exercises for the same muscle groups, you will feel greater elasticity and endurance.

Ideal for beginners

For all those who have never trained, it may be easiest to start just like this. At the beginning, it is very important to learn how to exercise - how to do different exercises correctly, in which body position, what you need to pay attention to, how to breathe properly and to gain basic fitness and strength. You should definitely start with less demanding programs, so when someone feels that it has become easy for them to switch to some more physically / fitness-demanding programs.

Group motivation

By exercising in a group, exercisers can do about 20% more than they would do if they exercised alone. For motivation and quality and proper exercise, the mental moment is important - to concentrate on doing each exercise correctly and in the predicted number of repetitions. When you practice in a group, you don't have to think about what exercises you will do and in what way, it is enough to just follow the instructor and the music. When you work alone, it is easier for the mind to follow the line of less resistance - fewer repetitions, less attention to exercises, etc., longer breaks between exercises… When exercising in a group, you simply do not think about it and work - to the end!

Allocated time especially for training

When you train in a group, the time defined for training is already added to your calendar - it will be easier to go to training that is already reserved in the calendar, at a certain time, than when you need to decide each time whether and when to exercise. This is how training becomes part of weekly habits.

Something for everyone

So you can choose different workouts for the whole body, workouts in which there is a lot of jumping, workouts in which there is no jumping, workouts with a load to shape the muscles, training for fitness, etc. Try different programs to see what you like and what you find interesting.

We are the team

In the end, I will only list the special details that group training brings to regular exercise:

  1. When you become part of a regular rehearsal team - it's a really great feeling when you perform the choreography all as one, to the end.
  2. An adrenaline rush, a feeling of sweet exhaustion after a good workout.
  3. Pleasure that you did and exercises that you would really hate to do alone.
  4. Lako vidite sopstveni napredak u odnosu na prethodni trening, prethodni mjesec, kada ste počinjali itd…