Individual training

Individual training is an ideal option for those who want to have a professional face with them at all times while training.

With individual training you get:
A personal trainer in charge of your progress and training
Valuable knowledge, support and motivation
An exercise program tailored to your ambitions, metabolism and age
A nutrition program that will achieve what you want
Care necessary for the recovery of the body from exertion and protection from injury
Exercise designed for your specific needs
There are many examples of people who did not persevere in their ideas.
You will not be one of them! Your personal trainer knows the pitfalls of training and motivation and is there to motivate you to persevere along the way.
Tu je da se pobrine ne samo da postigneš ciljeve kojima stremiš – već i da ih zadržiš.
Strength and flexibility, beauty and high energy levels, better concentration and health - they will serve you best when they become permanently yours.
Being fit is a way of life. Being fit is enjoying life.

Not sure if personal training is the right choice for you?
Then you can take advantage of the trial personal training option.