Online training

Online training represents a form of cooperation with a client at a distance,
via the Internet, in which the client submits certain data
about your current physical condition,
on the basis of which a detailed plan and program of training and nutrition is created,
on the goal that the client wants to achieve.
The training and nutrition plan contains detailed information and guidelines on the proper way
performing exercises and the amounts of food to be ingested.
The client can perform trainings in the gym or at home.
For all questions, the trainer is available 00 / 24h to the client in resolving doubts and counseling.

Live trening


Live training is definitely the best option for online collaboration. Whether we are talking about individual or group training, this form of cooperation with the possibilities of today's technology is closest to classical training. The key thing is motivation, which the client in this form of cooperation definitely gets in full. In addition to motivation, the coach can see mistakes at any time and instantly influence the correctness of the exercise performance. Live online trainings even have an advantage over classic trainings because the trainer "comes" to your home and you actually spend only the time needed for training. Nowadays, this kind of efficient exercise, without coming and going from the gym and driving a car, greatly saves your time and energy.

In live online training, the coach is as active and present as you are, and in any case, this is the most cost-effective and best form of online cooperation.