This is a high-intensity training designed to improve fitness and strength. It is intended for everyone, both those in full form and those who came to training for the first time.
Dynamic and challenging training, which will wake up your body and encourage it to progress, combining high intensity and different exercises with load and without load. It has a targeted effect on strengthening and shaping the muscles of the whole body and on burning subcutaneous fat.

Training in which there is no choreography and whose main purpose is to include as many muscles at the same time in one exercise. This type of training is very good for burning fat, increasing metabolic rate, increasing strength and agility, and the overall shape of the individual. With proper nutrition, adequate recovery, you will notice results very quickly.


Advice for members

Fitness clothing should give the body freedom of movement, and the materials should be light (ideal materials are breathable and do not retain sweat on the body). Sneakers must be comfortable and must provide the necessary support when training,.

 To participate in classes you need to have a bottle of water and two towels with you; large to cover the mat and small to wipe off sweat.