Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness program with Bfit

Exercising at the age of 60 is crucial. As you age, muscles and bones lose their mass and strength, flexibility decreases, and metabolism is slower. Inactive people in their 30s and 40s lose about 200 grams of muscle mass a year. Between the ages of 50 and 60, about half a kilogram of muscle mass is lost per year due to inactivity, while the loss of muscle mass after 60 years rises to 2.5 kilograms per year.

In addition, due to the slower metabolism, people over the age of 60 gain about 7 kilograms of ballast mass. Which would mean that an inactive person in their 60s has 10 pounds less muscle and 30 pounds more ballast mass than in their 20s. It doesn’t make sense to exercise to reach a level that a younger person can exercise. It is necessary to take into account the conditions and possible consequences that the person has acquired over the years, and is reflected in the locomotor system (eg osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, calcified conditions…).

Regular exercise can slow down the process of losing muscle mass and help keep the body healthier and more functional for as long as possible.

The first step in creating a Senior Fitness exercise program is to understand the condition of the body in people over the age of 60, so that injuries and unwanted consequences do not occur. A person who is 60 years of age or older and practices a sedentary lifestyle most of their life - will obviously have a different plan and abilities than a person who is actively running at 60 years of age. 


It is inevitable that we grow old and feel the consequences of youth more and more with age, but I like to think that something beautiful is yet to come and that we should be ready and functional to welcome it. There is no giving up on life because it is "difficult" for us (physically or mentally). The state of mind can and should follow the state of the body. How can we help ourselves? Recreation and exercise are the best, most inefficient, most time consuming and cheapest solution. Don't give up, it takes a lot of trust and effort to be satisfied, but whether you will exercise depends only on you. And, every effort is scored and every effort pays off. The sense of accomplishment after each workout is invaluable. Of course, you have to be persistent, because it is normal to give the body time to adapt to the new life change, but know that this change is good and the positive effects will accompany you throughout life.

Today it is no longer a secret that with adequate exercise we can heal both mind and body. Prejudices and the generally accepted opinion that exercise is only for YOUNG people should be rejected. And how long does that youth last? In order to exercise, you do not need to be particularly physically ready, but to take time for yourself and take the fight for health and beauty into your own hands. And taking time for yourself is a real challenge these days. Well, yet if you have multiple tasks to tackle (… and losing weight and looking good and dieting and changing your lifestyle…), I understand why it’s hard to get started. And the years are just coming and filling our baptismal font. You should not take it as something complicated, let's just start from the beginning.

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